I have always been a massive fan of anything to do with guitars
I started playing electric guitar when I was about 11 years old , when I got to the age  of about 18 I felt like I wanted to learn to read music the only way to do that at the time was to take classical guitar lessons which I did  , and which started  my love for the classical guitar I particularly liked the intimacy  and beauty of tone  produced just by the tips of the fingers and fingernails yet in the right hands capable of  such a large variety of tone colours .
I took lessons for several years  & in that time passed most of my exam grades , over the years  I  used several different different guitars  and  at the time I quite liked the idea of getting  a smaller size guitar which at the time  to get custom made was out of my price range  .
I was also always  interested in how  guitars were built and also in woodworking so I combined both of my interests ,      I  bought a book on lutherie some timber and started to make my first guitar  and  that was 20 years ago now.
On the Testimonials section I have added genuine comments from previous customers .