Traditional Classical Guitars Handcrafted By Mark Arnott

I have always been a massive fan of anything to do with guitars
I started playing electric guitar when I was about 11 years old , when I got to the age  of about 18 I felt like I wanted to learn to read music the only way to do that at the time was to take classical guitar lessons which I did  , and which started  my love for the classical guitar I particularly liked the intimacy  and beauty of tone  produced just by the tips of the fingers and fingernails yet in the right hands capable of  such a large variety of tone colours .
I took lessons for several years  & in that time passed most of my exam grades , over the years  I  used several different different guitars  and  at the time I quite liked the idea of getting  a smaller size guitar which at the time  to get custom made was out of my price range  .
I was also always  interested in how  guitars were built and also in woodworking so I combined both of my interests ,      I  bought a book on lutherie some timber and started to make my first guitar  and  that was 20 years ago now.
On the Testimonials section I have added genuine comments from previous customers .                                                                                                                                                                                  

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Models I Make

Torres /Fleta /Lattice

I build in the traditional Spanish way using the Spanish heel method of construction working face down on a solera , I prefer to use only hand tools for every procedure using hand tools I believe is the only way to get the optimal tonal response from each component and the ideal thicknesses on the front and back to get the best balance between stiffness and flexibility which isn't possible blindly feeding timber through sanding machines . I Make three basic models at the moment ! The first is closely based on a Torres design which is available in two slightly different body sizes which have traditional 7 strut fan bracing . The second is based on a Fleta which has a quite large body . The third model is a Lattice braced but traditionally lightly built similar to my Torres model but with lattice bracing this can also be built in two different body sizes all guitars are standard 650 mm scale lengths other scale lenghths available on request ., fingerboard width is 52mm as standard but can be varied to customers taste . I have used various different timber types over the years and have had excellent results with all of them for backs & sides I have used Indian Rosewood Maple Wenge Walnut Padauk Mahogany For soundboards I use European Spruce. Sitka Spruce Western Red Cedar I can offer a good selection of different rosettes for the customer to choose from . The Testimonials Section shows genuine comments from previous customers . I use good quality Gotoh machine heads as standard which can be upgraded on request . The guitars are supplied with a good quality hardcase .